avril lavigne chronicles

"Normal is just a setting on a washing machine" Avril lavigne scoffed as she skipped away from preps in her knee high converse

"Here’s to never growing up" avril lavigne whispers as she draws cat whiskers on her cheeks for a selfie

Dude avril lavigne isn't punk she's said that since 2002 and she's not scene either this blog is fucking stupid

keep crying

Hey guys, hope you enjoy my cover of Avril’s ‘Rock N Roll’. Can’t wait for the next album!

Emma x

"all my life i’ve good but now all i’m thinking is what the hell?" avril lavigne mutters under her breath while washing the dishes

"our love can never b known" Avril Lavigne whispered into her lover, Taylor Swift,’s ear, as she skateboarded her back to her house. "But I love you Avril!" She sang in her country accent.
“But ur a prep, Taylor, and I’m scene!” Avril sighed, her eyes welling up with tears-

Avril, I can't drive you to Hot Topic today, I'm sorry, sweetheart

avril lavigne curses under her breath as she storms off into the bathroom to dye just a portion of her hair pink because her parents won’t let her dye it all